We integrate and work collaboratively, maintaining a shared focus on our clients’ objectives

As construction professionals, we bridge the gap between Architects, Designers, Engineers and Operations, Planners, Accountants and Lawyers.

We are on hand to provide support on tenders or live projects with skilled and experienced commercial resources on short-, medium- and long-term deployments.

We provide:

  • commercial and contractual advice and support during the tender phase;
  • commercial and contractual advice and support during the project delivery phase; and
  • claim defense, claim preparation, and mitigation services

Commercial & Contract Management.

  • To assist our clients in their successful delivery of construction and infrastructure projects, we provide commercial and contact management services to ensure measures are in place to monitor and control inherent and residual risks, manage change in respect of cost, revenue and time, manage claims and avoid disputes.


  • We believe in quantifying and valuing change (and its consequences) as the work proceeds. The benefit of this approach whilst adhering to contract requirements is to promote collaborative working which in turn better informs budgets, aligns expectations and thus reduces the likelihood of contractual disputes.


  • Our in-depth knowledge allows us to assist in managing external relationships with customers, clients and trading partners, concurrently whilst accurately and consistently reporting commercial and financial performance (both forecast and achieved) to ensure a ‘no surprises’ conclusion.

Bid / Tender Phase.

The professional services we offer during the bid / tender phase include:

  • Advice and preparation of partnering and teaming arrangements including Pre-Bid Agreements; Teaming Agreements; Tender Phase Services Agreements; Memorandum of Understandings; Consortium Agreements; and Joint Venture Agreements.
  • Lessons learnt and guidelines on Consortium and Joint Venture agreements and partnering;
  • Confidentiality (and / or Exclusivity) Agreements (Head Contract and Subcontract);
  • Cost estimating and pricing;
  • Pre-contract procurement and tendering;
  • Review and preparation of head contract terms and conditions;
  • Review and advice on contract conditions in line with your company commercial benchmarks;
  • Advice and preparation of Contract Risk Profiles and remedial strategy in accordance with your company governance rules and benchmarks;
  • Preparation of risk (and opportunity) schedules and processes, to include qualitative and quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis;
  • Preparation of contractual and commercial clarifications and qualifications;
  • Review of Subcontract qualifications and preparation of responses;
  • Preparation of management systems, processes (including workflow processes), and procedures;
  • Preparation of Management Plans;
  • Preparation of tender documentation and returnable schedules; and
  • Attendance / representation at interactive workshops and briefings.

Execution / Project Delivery Phase.

The professional services we offer during the execution / project delivery phase include:

  • Development of Commercial function including advice and recommendation on organisational structure; advice and preparation of commercial and administrative position descriptions; and advice / preparation of skills and competency matrix;
  • Assistance with project launch and kick-off meetings;
  • Advice and guidance specific to projects intended to be delivered by consortium or joint venture partners;
  • Production and roll-out of commercial and administrative processes and procedures;
  • Budget monitoring and cost control;
  • Procurement – Supply chain procurement strategic advice
  • Tendering – Preparation, analysis, evaluation, recommendation and award;
  • Preparation of Commercial and Administration handbooks (Head Contract and Subcontract);
  • Production of templates for contract notices and contractual reporting requirements;
  • Contract administration including preparation of Head Contract and Subcontract contractual notices;
  • Subcontract administration including management of subcontract packages; engineering, design and other consultancy services; and local or overseas major supply packages;
  • Project Reporting – Contract Valuation and periodic financial reporting procedures, including Earned Value;
  • Change control – Identification of entitlements to cost and time, valuation (quantification and costing), submission, negotiation and agreement;
  • Contract reliance, take-up rules and Risk (& Opportunity) management;
  • Insurance claim preparation, negotiation and agreement;
  • Assistance with internal and external audit; and
  • Interim and final account management (Head Contract and Subcontract)

Claim Advice & Consulting.

  • Strategic commercial and contractual advice;
  • Preparation and analysis of contract terms and conditions;
  • Advice on contractual routes to recovery;
  • Review of tender estimates, priced rates and planned productivity;
  • Delay and disruption analysis to include planned vs actual time spent, costs incurred and productivity ratios;
  • Collation and review / analysis / evaluation of records and evidence; and
  • Preparation and negotiation of contractual claims